7 comments on “she sent him love letters written on the ocean sky

  1. I feel so good here, the background of this blog really gives this the richness it deserves, it is subtle and so so grand. Love this shot, I do not have it!! hehehe xxx

    • i have to admit i love the chocolately goodness of my blog’s background.. and yes you are so right, it really frames this photo, which is one of my favs out of my cali trip.. loving you so much!

    • thank you sweet one. gosh i have to get over to your blog. i’m about a half a year behind. 😀 life got too busy for me recently. i need to get away back into your world.

  2. Stunning 😀 Wow, I’ve missed visiting your blog 😀 Sorry I’ve been kindad caught up in life recently. Hope you are well my friend xx

    • Chloe, i know exactly how you feel.. i just went back to work after a year staying home and it’s been nearly impossible to keep my blog updated and enjoy working on my art. with time i’ll figure it all out, as will you. hope what’s catching you in life is all good. 🙂

      • Hey, congrats on returning to work after a time away…that in itself must be a real effort. I’m sure as you get in to the swing of things you’ll strike a balance you’re happy with between working and creating art.

        Life’s going good for me – we got masses of snow here in the UK though and my brain does not function when it’s so cold (or at least that’s my excuse anyways) 😉 xx

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