10 comments on “extinguished

    • Bill, thanks so much for the notice. I’ve had so much going on that’s I’m a bit behind in my blogging, responses, and support of my blog friends. I feel bad, please forgive. I will catch up soon. xx

  1. A great poem, with excellent imagery. I especially love the line “I will be the same woman simmering on the edge of the night…” – that’s just superb.

    Cheers, Chloe ๐Ÿ˜€ xx

  2. Gosh…your imagery was brilliant!
    How well have you painted the picture of a love-filled-now-fading relationship… this was almost sad..but very very beautiful nonetheless! I really liked this a lot! Your choice of words was simply mindblowing!

    Thank you for sharing this sweet/sad poem with poetry potluck.. it’s great to have you here!

    • you’re so sweet and your comment really lifted my spirits. i’ve been away, from the blog and from writing, for about a month and i’ve missed it so much.. i’m sorry for taking so long to respond but your words are as on fire today as they were the day you wrote it. thank you greatly.

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