21 comments on “the attic window, where the leaves still dance to their favorite song

  1. Hi, I’m taking part in Jingle’s thursday-poets-rally and am here to read your pages and to extend encouragement and my very best wishes and hopes for your writing success! 🙂

    This poem is very lovely. In its brevity it tells of lost dreams, broken hopes and one can even imagine shattered lives. You use words dipped in vivid images that invoke scenes of what-might-have-been and what-was. It’s a stark poem in its resonance of echoes but beautiful in its narrative. 🙂

    ps: The below mentioned links will take you separately to Jingle’s page and to my own page where you can see my own poetry. Hope you like what you see there!

    Poet Traveler


  2. This is a really beautiful poem – so vivid and descriptive. It evokes such strong emotionsand, like kellygrrl above said “time is so fleeting” – this poem expresses that so well. Chloe xx

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