6 comments on “sometimes expressing yourself, even to to those who love you, has a risk…

  1. It seems all writers have some of the same fears about what they write…I found your poem to be right on target with some of those feelings …well said.

    • thanks so much.. and you know it could be said about communication in general.. many of us have moments where we are afraid to reveal what we are feeling for fear of how the other will take it.

  2. Words and other imagery: putting yourself out there, so risky. I hope your voice is only silenced in your own terms. Btw, have you heard The Smashing Pumpkins’s Blank Page… it’s so moving.

    • really great song, thanks for leading me to it duff… poetry has always been my way of communication what’s in my heart.. but as i’ve grown older i’ve realized the power in expressing myself rather than letting fear choke my voice. much love to ya.

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